Do you need assistance transcribing a digital audio file? Please contact me with the exact details of your transcription project. Below you will find my rates for transcription.

I specialize in transcribing Legal, Medical, and General dictation.

These rates are for digital audio files only (no cassettes or micro-cassettes):

Per Audio Minute
1-2 Speakers (English only): $1.75
3+ Speakers (English only): $1.95
1-2 Speakers (Spanish only): $2.00
3+ Speakers (Spanish only): $2.20
Spanish to English Transcription: $2.50

Additional Fees per Audio Minute:

Time Coding
Every 30 Secs: $.30
Every 60 secs: $.20
End or Beginning of Every Page: $.15


Level 1-Perfect: $.0 (Native English/Spanish, No Noise)
Level 2-Some Noise: $.25
Level 3-Lots of Noise or Accents: $.35

Rush, Evening, or Weekend Service Rates:

Additional Fee per Audio Minute
Rush – 48 hours or less: $.35
Evening – After 7pm EST: $.25
Weekend: $.50

Transcription Example:
Digital Audio File Length: 45 minutes (45x$1.75=$78.75)
Quality: Level 2 (45x$.25=$11.25)
Time Code: 60 Secs (45x$.20=$9)
TOTAL: $99.00