Need sensative documents translated?

A digital file transcribed?

Or perhaps you need English or Spanish lessons?

Let’s Work Together.

In today’s global market the need for the translation of documents grows and grows. That growth comes from both businesses looking to translate sensitive documents from their source language into the target language and from private citizens looking to translate documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and academic transcripts for personal reasons.

By trusting us with your documents, you are ensuring that your communications are prepared according to high standards of accuracy. Our translations are accepted by USCIS and comply with their standards.

At Romero Communications we promise to keep your documents confidential and secure. We promise not to share your personal information with anyone. Romero Communications is very conscientious of the confidentiality and sensitivity of our clients’ documents, and takes the utmost precautions to ensure all documents remain secure.

Our company specializes in language translation services pertaining to various types of documents. In addition we offer transcription services of digital files in either English or Spanish.

We accept both small and large sized projects. We actively seek to understand our clients’ needs, provide them with the best translation available, and are committed to high standards. We strive to provide the best service possible.

In addition, we offer English and Spanish Skype lessons to professionals and students looking for individual 1 on 1 lessons from the comfort of their own home.